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Glandular Fever & Multiple Sclerosis – What is the link?
02/03/2015 / 0 Comments
Glandular Fever, other wise know as the Epstein-Barr virus, appears in almost 100% of adult-onset cases of MS. So what is the link to MS and the EB Virus and if you have had it what can we do?   The EB virus remains latent in the memory of our B cell population for life. […]
Alternative Therapies for MS
06/02/2015 / 0 Comments
Not only this, but massage has an obvious physical, immediate improvement of some MS symptoms. Massage assists tense muscles to relax, allowing for improved posture by relieving previously sore points. It can specifically improve MS symptoms including pain, tingling, spasticity, headaches, muscle weakness and fatigue.
Exercise Tips For Those With MS
31/01/2015 / 0 Comments
Exercise… To do or not to do? That is the question! The old advice was that those diagnosed with MS should avoid exercise but research shows that couldn’t be further from the truth! Exercise, when done properly is of huge benefit to those diagnosed with MS and may improve many common MS symptoms like fatigue, […]
Mercury and MS – all you need to know
12/01/2015 / 0 Comments
I have had a small number of clients come to me diagnosed with MS that when we ran a hair mineral analysis and then ran a urine heavy metal test their levels came back elevated. In these clients we focused on safely removing mercury from the body and removing the source of the mercury. In
MS and Basic Dietary Guidelines
07/01/2015 / 0 Comments
Dairy is arguably the most important food group to avoid. Hopefully you caught my blog about why dairy is bad, but basically it can contribute to demyelination, which as we know will cause symptoms and relapses. Unfortunately that means all forms of dairy, need to be completely avoided, not just milk.
Food Sensitivities – Are they making my MS worse?
12/12/2014 / 0 Comments
When treating MS in a holistic manner, it’s important to treat each person as an individual. Assessing and treating your personal triggers for developing MS and causing relapses is the best way to achieve your best possible health, by allowing for a personalised treatment plan. There are several potential triggers for MS and more than […]

Natural Treatments for Multiple Sclerosis - What You Need To Know


Multiple sclerosis is a serious chronic illness which can have a dramatic effect on the life of a sufferer, so it's easy to think of it as something that can only be alleviated with 'serious' medical approaches- immunotherapy, corticosteroids, intensive occupational therapy- even surgery, in the case of severe tremors or loss of motor control. Unfortunately, these multiple sclerosis treatment options also come with serious side effects and consequences- from the multiple side effects known to occur during steroid use, to the permanent loss of ability that comes with surgical intervention. Even new treatments for multiple sclerosis, such as Tecfidera, an anti-inflammatory drug that has been previously used in the treatment of psoriasis, have side effects such as nausea vomiting, diarrhoea and abdominal pain.


However, there are proven alternatives which are not only effective, they do not come burdened with these side effects. For those seeking more natural multiple sclerosis treatment, several clinical trials have been conducted regarding the application of lifestyle changes, dietary changes and alternative therapies, and how they result in measurable improvements in the frequency, severity and duration of 'attacks' of symptoms. These complementary therapies are designed to boost the body's ability to reduce myelin depletion, manage symptoms whilst they are occurring, and heal faster. For example, correct nutrition is a form of natural treatment for MS which is aimed at boosting the body's own ability to heal itself. Meditation, clinically proven to help induce relaxation throughout the nervous system thanks to alpha brain waves, helps to reduce instances of weakness, spasms and loss of motor control. Active supplementation is a helpful natural remedy for MS which involves identifying what nutrients are necessary for the body to strengthen and repair myelin, as well as those which help reduce the severity of attacks, such as omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. Then, there are the psychological elements- using techniques such as neuro-linguistic programming to recognise and treat negative thought patterns which may emerge as a result of the treatment itself, or as a side-effect of the medical approach. It's hardly a brand new treatment for MS, but it is something that is left out when managing healthcare practitioners fail to take a holistic approach.


You Can Beat MS is a unique program which brings all of the wisdom of multiple sclerosis natural treatment proponents and experts, in a way that's easy to understand and implement. Through six progressive modules, sufferers, their carers and others close to them can learn more about MS, and the changes they need to make in order to work towards living a symptom-free life. By self-educating on preventative measures and treatments for MS, as well as empowering the sufferer to have more productive discussions with their healthcare professionals, it forms a comprehensive plan and framework as opposed to a single way to treat multiple sclerosis.


As well as delineating a number of diet, supplementation, exercise and general lifestyle changes and options, the program helps the user to plan for a life uninhibited by multiple sclerosis. This means planning for life changes, occupational requirements, and lifestyle changes which will help them to carry on the benefits of any natural therapies for MS in a sustainable and meaningful way. Essentially, it's a complete system for preparing, dealing with, and continuing to manage the symptoms of this otherwise destructive illness for the long term. Read more to see how You Can Beat MS could help you or someone close to you, and order your copy today- you won't be disappointed.




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Fiona Chin came into my life as a healer shortly after I had gone through a terrible traumatic experience. To this day I attribute much of my healing, health and happiness to the therapy sessions I had with Fiona. She is a magnificent healer on all --Wendy L from Cold Lake Canada

Summer of 2005, I was a “wreck”, crying spells, depression and suddenly I started having panic attacks (which I have never experienced in my 40yrs of life) previously had bouts of depression. Being a dependant, active, mother and spouse, my life --Linda from Cold Lake, Canada

Working with Fiona using Kinesiology helped me work through my emotional issues that were holding me back from living my life dreams. I also found that during my time with Fiona I became a more balanced and grounded individual. I found that I was --Wendy Dary from Cold Lake, Canada

About 20 years ago I suffered a stroke and was left with weakness in my right side. I could not get my right leg into the car on its own, having to lift in manually each time. After one visit to Fiona I could life my own leg!I also suffer from --Sandra.W from Blackburn, Vic

Fiona has supported me to achieve amazing changes in my life at an emotional level, changes of lifestyle and improved physical health. She is empathetic, but truthful, practical, well informed and realistic. Seeking help from Fiona was my first real --Carolyn L, Blackburn Melbourne

Fiona is an exceptional business woman and naturopath. She runs a prompt and reliable sanctuary, and is a picture of perfect health herself. She is detailed and thorough in her health assessments, and has personally put me on the path to recovery --Merilyn Skelton Melbourne CBD

Fiona is a visionary in health and wellness, and she has the unique combination of being able to see the big picture and taking the actions to have the vision become reality. Fiona is a very talented practitioner who has assisted me personally on my --Carol Goddard Upper Beaconsfield Vic

The improvements have been rapid – the previous feelings were vision impairment / optic neuritis, lethargic at times, short tolerance bladder control – pretty much meaning when I had to go, I had to go – the desire to eat meats, milks and --Ryan K - Europe

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9am with David & Kim – Naturopath Fiona Chin talks about the myths behind dairy consumption
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Lesson 14: Exercise and Movement for wellbeing
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9am with David & Kim – Naturopath Fiona Chin talks about the myths behind dairy consumption
09/05/2014 / 0 Comments
Lesson 14: Exercise and Movement for wellbeing
09/05/2014 / 0 Comments